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Road Trip Activity Ideas

So in just a few days my husband and I will be daring a 12 hour car ride with our 2 kiddos up to BC to visit some family.  Either a very brave decision or a very dumb one, we haven’t decided yet. But with our daughter being 4 and needing  her own seat on a plane, on top of the 297535 items you need to pack for two kids, driving just seemed like the cheaper, somewhat easier way of getting there.  

My daughters made this drive before and she’s honestly an ideal travel partner more or less. Aside from needing to stop a little more frequently for bathroom breaks she’s easy peezy. My son, on the other hand hasn’t been on a long road trip since he was first born and slept 18/24 hours. He seems to be a lot more difficult then my daughter in every other aspect in life so far so I fully expect him to make this trip a trying one.   

In hopes of sparing my sanity I’ve put together some travel packs for my kids, and I thought I’d share what I put together for any of you with future travel plans.   


We got these awesome back packs from Parkland Design & Manufacturing (https://www.parklandmfg.com). The kids absolutely love them and there’s so much space in them (which is great cause I shoved everything but the kitchen sink in them). 


I tried to customize the kids travel packs to suit each of their individual personalities and likes. Aydas of course has a lot of princesses, and unicorns, whereas Koens is a lot of dinosaurs and animals.  


These Water WOW books from Melissa & Doug are the absolute best! It’s like painting for the kids, but with absolutely no mess. You just fill the little brushes up with water and that’s it! The best part is once the water dries they can do it all over again! I got ours from Amazon, but you can get them from lots of other places (Chapters, Target, Mastermind Toys... just to name a few) 


I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones who are absolutely obsessed with stickers. Our vehicle will probably look like a sticker factory exploded inside of it by the end of this trip, but that’s ok as long as they are entertained. Any stickers would have worked but I opted for the Melissa & Doug sticker collection activity books, as well as their reusable sticker kits. 



I’d like to say that we were going electronic free, but even if I did it would be a complete lie.  We packed a iPad as well as a LeapFrog for those times where the only fix is a movie or a game.  I’m hoping we don’t have to resort to these too often but they are there when we need them. I also packed some headphones for each of them to avoid having to hear whatever it is they decide to watch ha ha.  

Both my kids love colouring so of course I packed them both some colouring books. We got these awesome little colouring kits from The Disney Store that have pencil crayons, markers, paper, kid safe scissors, a glue stick, ruler and sharpener.  




Lastly I obviously have to make sure to have all the snacks on hand. There’s something about being confined in a vehicle with no where to stop that makes my children bottomless pits. I invested in these YumBox bento style snack boxes for the kids to pack some snacks in for them. 




There’s a few other little things I didn’t include in this post ( I got them some window stickers, their stuffies, a few small toys, a blanket, water bottle and a few new books each), but I hope this helps any of you parents hitting the road (or the air) in the future.   

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